Back to the Office or Virtual Company?

What managers need to think about moving forward

Black professional woman on teleconference call with colleagues

Meet the Panelists

John O’Duinn, Strategist, Mentor and Author of Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice to Work Together While Physically Apart

Jill Finlayson, Director, EDGE in Tech Initiative at UC (Expanding Diversity and Gender Equity in Tech), co-sponsored by CITRIS and Berkeley Engineering

Dr. Anne Berthinier Poncet, Ph.D., Maître de Conférence Innovation Management CNAM

Patrick Buffard, Executive Vice President of FDJ, the French Lottery

What should managers think about when finding new ways of organizing their employees?

So how do we find balance?

How do we recreate “serendipitous meetings” that would happen in a physical space in remote working?

John, how do you maintain innovation in a company?

What keyword do you want to leave with our audience?

Watch the entire event video:

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