UC Berkeley Extension

Nov 15, 2021

3 min read

Invest In Yourself

And get your company to pay for it, too!

Young black woman at a job interview

1. Dig into the company’s policies.

2. Show how a course or a full certificate will benefit you and, in turn, the company.

  • Increased loyalty to the company, which reduces employee churn.
  • Increased productivity and the ability to successfully tackle projects you wouldn’t have been able to do before because you’ll have learned the latest skills. New projects = additional revenue.
  • Development of leadership skills.
  • Ability to mentor new employees.

3. Show what skills you’ll be learning and how you’ll transfer them to the job.

4. Be prepared to stay at that company for a while after you complete your studies.

5. Be prepared to negotiate.

Ready to ask your manager about funding for your education? Here’s a handy-dandy form to prepare for your manager.