Experts bring their insights into workplace, market trends

Black woman professional on a virtual conference call with other professionals

Tips and tricks as you consider a career change

Woman drawing a yellow right-turn arrow on a cement wall with white arrows pointing down.

President Biden’s bold infrastructure plan contains opportunities for well-paid future careers that promote green technologies

Black male professional wearing a blue-collar shirt working on a laptop

Tips to make your application stand out

Inside look of UC Berkeley library with students studying at tables

What makes you interested in studying at UC Berkeley?

Selfie of students on campus wearing face masks

It’s time to sit back, breathe and assess

Illustration of hands making a heart with sunshine in the background

A path to career exploration and advancement

Black woman smiling at camera while typing on computer

Why you should transition toward an Agile framework

Two working professionals moving sticky notes on a white board for a project

An age-old social structure gets a new boost in the new economy

Two female professionals working together at a computer desk

You don’t have to be trapped in a negative loop of delay, dither, doubt and dread

Photo of sleeping dog on hardwood floor

UC Berkeley Extension

UC Berkeley Extension is the continuing education branch of the University of California, Berkeley. We empower learners to meet educational and career goals.

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